Photo-guide SPOTER

A mobile app, helping you to organize your trip with the best photo’s ever

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The app's algorithm

considers all the important factors in real time and rates spots to provide 100% photos shooting success.


Trip route with best photos

SPOTER helps you map a route considering all the important factors:

  • route1

    selects the most beautiful places

  • route2

    confirms the weather conditions

  • route3

    confirms the sun’s position

  • route4

    confirms the distance to the spot

  • That's terrific! Possibility 100%

  • Quite good. Possibility 80%

  • Let's try. Possibility 50%

  • Let's think about it. Possibility 20%

  • Stay at home. Possibility 0%


Forecast of photo shooting success

lets you choose the best time for spot visiting. SPOTER considers time and weather and even knows where to catch Aurora Borealis.


You don’t need to carry excess weight

SPOTER shows distance and route difficulty from parking to the spot, and recommends the necessary outfit and camera lenses

For the partners

We are open for cooperation with professional photographers and photo guides. We’ll be glad to see you among our partners if you are an expert in knowing a certain territory, if you have quality photographs of interesting and beautiful spots, if you are ready to develop and present various routs with the best photos of the region. Write us an email with your portfolio of 5-10 photos, and we’ll send you an offer.

Ron Woodson

“You don’t need to google it anymore; or plane your trip with google maps… trying to understand what it is – sunrise or sunset… Now you can find all the best places to take pictures in Iceland in one application”

John Van Sickle

“SPOTER solved my main problem – the problem of a choice where to go in Iceland and what are the best places to take photos in Iceland.”

Kan Tsang

“There is a problem with Google maps, when it cannot find the place by name or when the google navigator takes you in the wrong direction. SPOTER global photo guide navigated me directly to the all the best places of Iceland, and I took my best shots at all the terrific photo spots.”

George Wright

“When the photo spot you choose is difficult to get to, I mean when it is off road and you need to walk or clime, it is very important to understand what lenses you need to take with. As a long lens is extremely heavy. So, the SPOTER recommendations were a real help for me here.”e.

Paul Walker

“I like being along and in no rush when I’m at my landscape photo shooting. It helps me to focus on things important for getting the best result. SPOTER app is a photo guide that doesn’t talk or distract. But it has everything I need for a successful shooting.”

Jackson Stone

“I used to have a bunch of applications. One was for weather forecast. The other was for the sun position. The next one was to look for photos from beautiful photo spot. SPOTER app replaced them all. And on top of that SPOTER helps to get a lot of useful info offline.”

Lee Jung

“I had some bad experience with my photo tours. Once I had to share a place in a car with a smoking fellow who used every opportunity to have a cigarette. It was awful. And another time I had a photo guide who tend to disappear every time I needed his help most of all. Now I have my photo guide SPOTER. It solves all that kind of problems.”